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What are the common pain points in Financial Services Software

Steve Lowe

4/19/20241 min read


Staying ahead of the curve: New players and established rivals pose threats. Financial Service firms need to embrace cloud technologies, digital cores, mobile apps, and marketplaces to remain competitive. Additionally, they must combat dis-intermediation of product distribution channels.

Slow innovation:

Internal roadblocks: Silos, lengthy project cycles, internal politics, and talent gaps hinder innovation. Building a data ecosystem and gaining a 360-degree view across the organization can help overcome these hurdles.

Productivity, cost, and quality:

Operational inefficiencies: Pain points arise from cumbersome processes, high costs, and labour-intensive tasks. Improving marketing and advisor/relationship manager productivity and scalability can address these issues.


Vulnerability to cyber attacks: Data breaches and cyber threats are amplified with reliance on numerous vendors (cloud, core, mobile, AI) and remote work forces. Robust security measures are crucial.


Navigating the compliance landscape: Data privacy regulations like GDPR, financial advice/promotion rules, and Open Banking requirements pose compliance challenges.


Maintaining customer trust: Product downtime, bugs, low Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and poor customer satisfaction can damage brand reputation. Social media monitoring and proactive customer engagement are essential.

Overall, FS and SaaS companies need to adapt to a dynamic landscape by:

  • Embracing technological advancements

  • Fostering a culture of innovation

  • Streamlining operations

  • Prioritizing security and compliance

  • Cultivating customer trust

By addressing these pain points, FS and SaaS firms can unlock growth and secure a competitive advantage in the evolving market.